is the samsung galaxy s8 waterproof

If you’re an S8 users who longs for the additional real estate offered by the S8+, then by all means—eliminate that S8 and go for the S9+. Honestly, should you’re contemplating shopping for an S9 in any respect, we’d recommend going with the S9+ anyway. If you’ve an S8, you have already got ninety % of what makes the S9 good.

Most notably, the fingerprint sensor has moved from the again of the cellphone to beneath the screen on the S10. On high of spec upgrades and old features making a return, the Galaxy S10 additionally comes equipped with all-new expertise that we have not seen earlier than.

However, if that new digicam looks like one thing you can’t live with out, who are we to tell you in any other case? So it’s no surprise that Samsung really focuses on the camera for both the S9 and S9+, which type of have different cameras. Samsung took Apple’s lead on this go, leaving the smaller S9 with only one camera, and stacking the S9+ with dual rear shooters.

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Since the S8 was such a dramatic departure from Samsung’s normal design, there were a number of quirks that needed to be worked out—just like the fingerprint sensor placement. It was beforehand constructed into the home button, so to move forward with a cleaner design, Samsung moved it to the back. That’s not essentially a bad thing, as a result of the S8 was simply the best-looking Samsung device thus far when it was launched. It was a forward-thinking design for the corporate, especially with the transition away from that awful (and terribly outdated) home button. Remember this was very a lot a flagship phone final yr, and not all that much has changed in 12 months (and you’ll nonetheless get updates to the latest Android software as nicely).

In phrases of video playback and WiFi use, the 2 phones are equivalent at 16 hours and 14 hours. Samsung makes a couple of wireless-charging stands that work with any smartphone capable of wireless charging, not simply Samsung units. Samsung’s latest flagship phone was introduced Sunday and will arrive in stores March 16. The different group who would possibly wish to upgrade from the S8 are individuals who simply wish they’d gotten the bigger cellphone.

Should I upgrade from s9 to s10?

On its “water and dust protection” support page, Sony states: “Do not use the device to take photos while performing any type of activity underwater, including diving or snorkeling.” This function appears to be fully operational on the Galaxy S8, however.